09/18/10Reworked Music page with youtube links.
05/26/10I decided to ditch the guestbook. There wasn't much traffic anyway and I never quite got it to work right.
Thanks to all who posted there over the years :)
04/30/10Back in black :)
It's been a long time, but finally I'm getting things under control again. This site is going through a complete rebuild. There will be some minor inconveniences, like missing pages or dead links. If you notice a problem, please write me an e-mail.
04/18/06Ashtray FX stompboxes. Ashtrays can be fun, even for non-smokers!
08/10/05New old amplifiers: Solton Conqueror, a 150W bass monster, and Fender Studio Bass, a former 180W combo converted to a "Super Bassman" head.
10/14/04Hohner Kingstar 20. A 1964 guitar combo, now "better than new".
06/20/04From 1961: Dynacord Bass-King. Nice pics and schematic.
06/04/04One more old-timer restored: Solton BV 60. Complete rebuild with pics and schematic.
12/28/03Tube Theremin from Art's Theremin Page finally working. With pictures and link to the schematic.
08/04/03Austrovox Bass 150 restored. With pictures and schematic.
07/11/03Austrovox de luxe 50 rebuilt. With pictures and schematic.
04/30/03Studio Guitar Amp - my first "serial" model. Nice pictures.
12/18/02Dynacord Eminent from the sixties lives again! With pictures and schematic.
12/15/02Restoring electrolytic can capacitors from older tube amps.
12/12/02Tube Guitar Amp with ECC83 (12AX7) and one EL84 (6BQ5) for 5 Watts (with schematic and layout).
09/21/02Mirabehn Friedensfest with new CD "MIRA" (see Mirabehn)
08/20/02+/- 15V Power Supply for the JFET preamp and for many other purposes.
08/05/02Bob Mintzer at the Jazz Academy 2002 - new pics in the gallery
07/04/02Onboard Preamp for bass or guitar with vol/vol/tone controls and switchable mid-cut. Including PCB layout.
05/24/02PCB Layout for the JFET Bass Preamp!
05/12/02The Theremin is taking off! What it is? Click here!
05/11/02New bass preamp - tube sound with JFET technology!