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Electronics Links

Theremin WorldWhen you are looking for theremin information, this is the page to start with
Art's Theremin PageGreat page with theremin info, analysis & schematics
The Moog ArchivesEverything you ever could want to know about the Moog synthesizer (also some theremin info)
Moog MusicBob Moog's homepage, featuring the successor of the Minimoog and some theremins & Moogerfoogers. R.I.P.
Oakley SoundTony Allgood makes some state-of-the-art synth modules.
AmpageSchematics, information, links & much more
Triode ElectronicsParts, links, schematics etc.
Aiken AmpsSome great technical information on amp construction
Duncan AmpsCollection of amp schematics and a very useful tube data sheet locator
Obsolete ElectronicsMany old Fender and Marshall amp schematics (& others) and some tech info
Radiomuseum Bocket
Skalenscheiben und Rückwände
Radiomuseum Bocket
Skalenscheiben und Rückwände
Tube ProfiNeed tubes? Call Robert!
Riff Ron's PageNice info on some tube amps, including mods and guitar wirings
GEOFEXR.G.Keen's page for analog guitar FX
Aron Nelson's Stompbox PageBuild your own guitar pedals
Don TillmanGuitar Preamps and good research on pickup curves
ElektorMy favorite electronics magazine - I think they really build the stuff before they publish it...



Friends alphabetical order

Walter Chmelawww.walterchmela.netkeyboards
Manu & Niki
Thomas Ederwww.thomaseder.comguitar
Alexander Ehrenreichwww.jazzmetalex.comwoodwinds
Richard Filzwww.filz.atdrums, percussion
Gerald Gradwohlwww.gradwohl.atguitar
Mr.Framewww.flyers.atbass, perc, programming
Manfred Kramerwww.manfredkramer.atvocals, guitar
Oliver Mochmannwww.mochmann.comguitar
Anton Mühlhoferwww.cubanton.comdrums, percussion
Peter Schönbauerwww.peterschoenbauer.combass
Harry Seebacherwww.drums.atdrums
Helmut Stroblwww.strobl.ccbaritone sax, woodwinds
Robert Tögelwww.oldformation.atguitar
Five in Love with Betty
Vienna Jazz Formation