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 Acoustic Bass (Germany, ca.1900)
My parents bought it in 1973 for DM 700 (ATS 4925 or EUR 358). It was in rather bad but playable condition. I had it thoroughly repaired in 1983 when I started playing seriously.
Rickenbacker 4001 (1977)
S/N PF4726 (made in June 1976). My first electric bass. Saved my money for one and a half years to buy it (blame it on Chris Squire and Paul McCartney that it was a Rick).
Rickenbacker 4001
 Ibanez Studio 8string (1978)
Bought it because it looked so cool (almost like an Alembic which I couldn't afford). Didn't know what to play on it for 20 years. Now, with Rubberfinger, I know.
Wal Custom Fretless (1982)
S/N PB1696. One day I took all my money and went to Munich to buy the best fretless I could find (slightly influenced by Percy Jones of Brand X).
Wal Custom Fretless
ESPESP Precision (1984)
Built from ESP replacement parts. One-piece ash body, vintage style maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, EMG pickups, Schaller hardware, Hipshot D-tuner. Still my main axe.
Slapper 5string (1987)
My first 5-string. Headless, graphite neck-through body construction. Very special sound. Replaced the original electronics by a modified Bartolini preamp.
Neubauer 6-stringNeubauer 6string (1989)
One of the first basses Andreas built. Extra long scale (36"), hard to get the right strings for it, but killer sound.
Neubauer Electric Upright 6string (1996)
One-of-a-kind custom built upright. Detachable neck, adjustable piezos for each string, self-designed preamp. Amplified sound is way better than amplified acoustic bass.
Neubauer Upright
Washburn Bantam 6string (1998)
Got this one used from a singer who wanted a 4string instead (or maybe a 1-string?). Alder body, sounds surprisingly good when recorded straight into the desk. Electronics are a little noisy though (but still ok at the price), will replace them soon.
Fender Jazz Bass 4string (1999)
Made in USA, modified to 60s look.
Jazz Bass 4
Jazz Bass 5Fender Jazz Bass 5string (1999)
A cheap one, made in Mexico. It needed heavy modification to sound good, but the wood was OK. Description of electronics and "hot-rodding" will be on my electronics page (some day).




(More details about history and construction on my Electronics page)

Theremin #1Theremin #1
Theremin #2
Theremin #2
Theremin #3Theremin #3
Theremin #3 inside
Theremin #3
Theremin #3Theremin #3 on stage
Little Girl From Heaven



Analog Synth

(More details about history and construction on my Electronics page)

This is my homegrown modular synth. Strictly analog, with oscillators, filters and LOTS of knobs.
It took me more than a year to build it (well, I also did some other things during that year...)
Wanna see what's inside?