Solton Conqueror


Preamp Schematic (new)
Power Amp Schematic (old)
Power Amp Schematic (new)




This was a hybrid with a transistor pre and a tube power amp. The power section puts out 150W RMS clean with 4 x EL34. Given the overall condition, I decided to trash the transistor preamp and build a Hiwatt clone. Plate voltage is 800 Volts from a 220V AC line. With today's 230V, it would be 845V, which seemed a little high, so I wired a little 12V transformer to knock the line voltage down a bit. Got the idea for this at Geofex (Vintage Voltage Adapter).
The output transformer had a broken wire, no chance of fixing it from outside. So I had to partially rewind it (not funny). But the result was well worth it. A friend of mine played the amp in a rock band with (or "against") two guitarists with Dual Rectifiers - and won...