Restoring Electrolytic Can Capacitors


The Problem:

Sometimes you can't find an exact replacement for those old electrolytics. OK, you could just leave them in for the looks and wire extra caps inside the chassis, but in most cases there is not enough space. A new can of the same value probably won't fit without drilling extra holes (and you don't want to do that to your vintage amplifier).



The Solution:

Here are two cans from an old Echolette M40 (2 x 50μF / 385V)
I carefully opened them - with a can opener 8-)
I pulled the interior with my special can cap interior puller...
Just curious (how long is this?)
I drilled small holes through the socket to connect a new 100μF/450V capacitor (the two sections of the old one were wired in parallel). This picture shows the new unit before sealing.
Now I was ready to try a dual can. This one is from my Dynacord Eminent. It was 2 x 32μF / 450V before, I made it a 2 x 47μF (biggest new caps I could get in there).
Had to shrink-tube it to prevent the wires from touching the can.
Voila! Sealed with transparent epoxy glue - looks like original!