AX84 Style Tube Amp



Board Layout (soon)




This is a little amp I built to get some tube practice (hence the term "practice amp"...). The basic concept is like the AX84 Project, just one preamp and one power tube. I provided additional 8-pin sockets for tubes like 6SL7 and 6V6. At the moment it has a ECC83 (12AX7) and a EL84 (6BQ5) in it and it really rocks.




The metal sheet for the chassis with the parts laid out
All those holes drilled, ready to fold
Chassis bent, corners soldered and trimmed
Transformers, sockets, pots & switches mounted. Right: The almost finished board
Transformers and heaters wired
More wires. Front: A look at the filter caps
Tubes wired to board. The cathode resistor/cap combination still missing
Everything connected including cathode caps. Still no resistor for the 6V6
A view from the other side
The finished product, ready to leave the factory...