Ashtray FX





Inspired by the colors of these ashtrays (made in Vietnam), I built a couple of stompboxes for a university class. My goal was to demonstrate the advantages of perfboard and to encourage my students to build their own.
The challenge was to find circuits that:

1. are easy to build,
2. have a maximum of two knobs and
3. fit in the ashtray.

Last but not least each of them should have a distinct sound and should be fun to play with.



Schematics Links:

Fuzz Face (from Fuzz Central)
Rangemaster (from Fuzz Central)
Dr.Quack (from
Scrambler (from Fuzz Central)
Whisker Biscuit (from
Shocktave Divider (from Analog Alchemy)
Millennium Bypass (from Geofex)




Selecting Germanium transistors for the Fuzz Face.

Components and layout for the FF. The IC is a 4049 for a Millennium Bypass.

Ashtrays with holes drilled.

Actually, I don't remember which one this was (probably the Dr.Quack).

Assembling and testing the Fuzz Face.

The Fuzz Face.

The Rangemaster input switch with different capacitors.

Rangemaster (inside).

Rangemaster (outside).

The other side of the Dr.Quack board.

A spaceship came travellin'...

The Dr.Quack - it had to be green for some reason.

The Scrambler.

The Whisker Biscuit.

The Shocktave Divider.